Since 2010, I have had the pleasure of working with thousands of people from all walks of life. Here are just a few of their testimonials and experiences from our work together.

PAtricia_testimonial from Facebook - Patricia Ortega recommends Luminous Healer Shamanic Living. April 12, 2019 I have attended several of Juan's moon circle meditations throughout the year, and have had such incredible results in my spiritual/emotional/physical healing. He facilitates responsibly in a very welcoming space, honors the sacred teaching and explains the process throughout very thoroughly. Each ceremony I've attended has bonded and connected me with like-minded light workers, who are also seeking within to help propel the light forward into our world. I look forward to many more moon celebrations with this incredible Luminous Tribe!
Leticias_testimonial from Facebook - Leticia Aravena October 4, 2019 recommends Luminous Healer Shamanic Living. I want to thank you Juan for working with me for all these months in such a beautiful, safe and supported way. My journey has been very meaningful and important at this time, and I feel blessed to have been guided to you for such a journey. I appreciate your integrity. Your work/service comes from such a pure place; I leave your mediation center with a peace and thankfulness for you and your help. When I was lead to Shamanism and met Juan I was at a standstill emotionally and spiritually. I was deeply looking for clarity in my calling and soul purpose...I knew I was ready to make big changes and do the brave work of healing some of my core wounds that were affecting me negatively and blocking the way I wanted to live my life and follow my soul calling. Juan helped me work through many emotional energy blocks and remember how to deepen my own connection to myself, spirit and earth. His knowledge as a practitioner of core shamanism has been key to my own ongoing transformation. I literally trust him with my very soul. Experiencing Juan's shamanic work has been incredibly transformative. With each journey I have deepened my connection to my self-love, spirit and earth. It has bleed into all parts of my life. I have found my voice, my purpose and I'm living with more peace and joy...a deeper connection to earth and my body with the understanding now that I am my own healer and shaman. Juan acts as a bridge between the shamanic indigenous world and the modern world and borrows the medicine and wisdom of these shamanic people to bring healing and balance....soul retrieval, cord cutting, drum journeying, extraction, energetic cleansing, etc. are some of the tools Juan has used to assist and support me in my healing journey. So grateful to have found you, Juan... You have been such a great beacon of hope, healing and light! Thank you!!
Reanin_testimonial from Facebook - Reanin Stone recommends Luminous Healer Shamanic Living. May 12, 2019 Grateful to have attended several moon ceremonies and connected with such wonderful individuals. Each ceremony has been a unque experience, while also sharing a sense of connection with Ike minded people and a sacred space to allow for inner healing. Juan is a phenomenal guide and Shaman, that is down to Eatth and universally connected. So grateful to have found this tribel
Chris Coon recommends Luminous Healer Shamanic Living. Marcn 17, 2019 The time I spent with Juan was great He was warm, wise, perceptive and I never felt like he was judging me. My experience with hm was truly luminous and positive. I would highly recommend Juan's services to anyone who needs guidance or healing in their life.
Ingrid_testimonial from Facebook. - Ingrid Garcia recommends Luminous Healer Shamanic Living. May 22, 2019 It was a great experience and I Am grateful to have connected with Juan as he made me feel comfortable in a sacrament space. Juan's guidance has help me move forward and work on my healing process as I was feeling stuck with low energy. As I do my internal work and healing process I intend to keep on workimg with Juan and connect with like mindided individuals. Thank you Juan
Testimonial_Lisa_Selby from Facebook - Lisa Selby recommends Luminous Healer Shamanic Living. January 22 I've been blessed to experience three moon ceremonies this past year. I was called to go for sometime but was unfamliar with the work and community and had no idea what I was walking into. What a gift Juan has an amazing ability to hold sacred space, if that term is foreign, know that even if you arrive alone, your amongst friends. Every circle has been safe, woven together with brothers and sisters opening in vulnerability listening, seeing and witnessing each other. Every journey has been different for me, yet all equally powerful If you feel the call, gift yourself Our medicine is more powerful when we share Thank you Juan for your medicineY for holding sacred spacey for sharing your gifts with this community Thank you thank you
Caole_Caplan_Testimonial from Facebook - Carole Caplan reviewed Luminous Healer Shamanic Living — December 11, 2014 Juan is a gifted healer and teacher. .. Whether in groups or individual sessions, Juan is able to make the experience both relevant and accessible. Each experience has left me more grounded, more directed, and ever so grateful for his acquaintance'
testimonial_genien from Facebook - Genien N. Galiano recommends Luminous Healer Shamanic Living July 10, 2019 I love Juan and we have just met! He is an amazing Shaman and wonderful gifted human being. I have just started working with Juan and I must say he has helped me so much already. He has helped me find light from a place that was really dark;a hope that I haven't had in a long time. I've been suffering from mental and physical health conditions for quite some time now. Working with Juan has given me some tools to help heal myself and bring a calm to my anxiousness. Things are becoming a lot clearer and that's just in one healing session! I feel safe and confident to be guided by Juan in this new experience that is unknown to me, but feels like home. I can't wait to see where this journey will lead me and am happy I'm taking it with him thank you Juan
Courtney_testimonial from Facebook - Courtney Alexander recommends Luminous Healer Shamanic Living. May 20, 2019 Juan has the gift of healing and guiding you throughout your subconscious. Reclaiming your medicine is essential to the work. His gentle presence allows space to be held to feel into your higher self. And continue on the journey of self healing. When we begin healing ourselves we heal the collective. When we are aligned to a certain frequency we naturally call in people and situations aligned on the same frequency When you have the call the best thing you can do for yourself is answer it Juan embodies LOVE and his medicine takes you on a journey into the light Say YES
Em Haverty recommends Luminous Healer Shamanic Living. June 9, 2019 Juan's ceremonies and retreats have been life-changing. I've left each visit with a deeper connection to myself and my sense of purpose. It's a space where I've always felt safe and allowed to connect with my body and with the people around me. Come to his sessions you have ever had any curiosity of deeper healing. If you're reading this, take the leap. I'm glad I did.