Shamanic Transformational
Healing & Coaching

Are you tired of having growth and transformation only to come back to your normal self? Do you need support to help you integrate magic into your life?

As we transform it’s important to be held and supported in the process. What I've found from over a decade of doing this work is that it's the support and guidance we have between peak experiences is what makes our growth stick. Shamanic Healing and Transformational Sessions are customized with your transformation at the center. Through a 4 session container, a new layer is uncovered with every session to move you from where you are to where you want to be in any area of life.

Below are some of the processes and practices that we will use throughout our time working together.

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Shamanic Intuitive Coaching

In order to maintain your gains from the shamanic energetic work, it is important to do the work in the real world! Through the application “right action” and “right wisdom” that is aligned with our heart we are able to consciously create the life we desire.
Using shamanic intuitive coaching we will apply the lessons learned and work together to find and use easy solutions to your real world challenges. This process is a pivotal step in supporting your ongoing growth and development. Whether you have worked with me in person or are a beginner to the work, we will work together to truly embody the luminous healer within you.

These sessions help illuminate how we are getting in the way of our healing and place the appropriate steps to fuel our spirit towards its highest self. As your coach, I will you assist you in defining and maintaining your deepest desires with actions steps you can apply in your daily life, keep you accountable to your highest ideals and support you in your ever evolving life.

Shamanic Intuitive Healing & Readings

In Shamanic Intuitive Readings we use the Shamanic Tracking technique to get to the root of whatever issue you would like to know more about/work on. After collecting the energy we are working with into one of the kuyas (activated healing stones) from my mesa (healing bundle), we allow the energy to inform the reading. This way we can clear the path to move forward in your life and also receive a healing/clearing of the heavy energy surrounding the issue.

Shamanic Healing Processes

I. Illumination process

The Illumination Process is typically the first process that all clients experience before getting any deeper into the work. This process helps to combust most toxic energies in your Luminous Energy Field and remove blocked or stagnant energy from your chakras.
The illumination is the core healing technique used in all sessions. It allows us to gain clarity on any situation/experience in your life and allows you to release it from your energy field, that you may allow creations to flow rather than be “stuck” in it.

Overall clients feel a deep clearing throughout their whole being, often experienced through an all-pervading sense of lightness/peace within. Through the Illumination process, we can track the energetic root of the issue as it lives in the body. By getting to the root of your issue you illuminate and gain clarity as to why you experience this issue in our lives. You then are able to release the heavy energy that surrounds your issue and release it from the Luminous Energy Field. Once released we bring in light/energy from Source to your chakra, filling it with new positive energy and re-framing it so that you receive clarity about your challenge and can move forward in your life with a clean slate.

II. Extraction

In shamanism we believe that anger, envy or hatred directed at us by another person (whether consciously or not) can crystallize, becoming nearly material objects which no longer combust. Over time, these crystallized energies embed themselves in the physical body, affecting a particular area of the body. Sometimes a chronic injury can have trouble healing because one of these solid energies has been activated within the energy body. Sometimes they can also be energetic remnants- memories of how we were hurt or killed in former lifetimes.

It is important to understand however, that negative energies are attracted to us because they have an affinity with us. In Extraction, we remove crystal or fluid intrusive energy/entities that are interfering with your energy field, cut old negative cords, strengthen the energy field and your energetic boundaries.

III. Soul Retrieval

As your personal energy is now clear and strengthened, you can go deeper into your subconscious. Through a soul retrieval process you are able to travel deep into the subconscious.

There, you will encounter and be able to release an old soul wound, rewrite your soul contract of old limited programming, interact and integrate a piece of your soul that was lost in the past. You may also receive a power object and power animal that assist you in maintaining your newly found soul piece.

This process is meant to assist you in returning you to your whole and perfect state.

IV. Destiny Retrieval

After having worked extensively, you will have cleared the heavy energies, challenging issues and come back to wholeness (the present moment). From here you can embark on calling your destiny towards you, so that you can live your destiny in the present moment. This powerful technique is only recommended after extensive personal work on yourself (min of first 3 sessions).

When you work with your destiny, you journey into the upper world to retrieve your original blueprint or soul contract and align yourself with the highest energies that assist you in manifesting your destiny Now.

Like all the other techniques Destiny Retrieval is deeply transformative and creates massive changes in your life to align you to your highest potential.