Shamanism Q&A

Shamanic terms

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism goes back to the beginnings of man. Every tribal/indigenous society had a shaman who would serve as the intermediary between the material/physical world and the spiritual/energetic world. In present day shamanism, while maintaining its ancient sacred roots, is more commonly known as a method to work with energy directly to cause change in the physical world we can see and touch.

Shamanism is considered to be the oldest healing tradition in the world, and pre-dates all religious institutions. This means that shamanism is not a religion, but rather a healing approach that aims first and foremost to restore our deepest connection to our soul’s journey, and re-align our path to wholeness. It is about remembering our highest purpose for being here, and re-claiming our inner strength and wisdom. Shamanic healing aims toward an alchemical transformation of the pain, suffering, sicknesses and traumas that we may experience in life, by clearing the memories stored at the energetic (and cellular) level, and transforming the heavy energies into light.


How is Shamanism Used?

Shamanism is commonly used to bring healing to any state of dis-ease or illness. Many individuals come to shamans for guidance and assistance in moving through difficult/challenging periods in their life. The guidance and energetic shifts that result from successful shamanic sessions are what we can a call miracles. Some large, many small in magnitude but all nonetheless miraculous in nature.


What is a Shaman?

The shaman lives in a world that is fully alive.. All is ENERGY hence there is no difference between working with a person, a tree, an animal, weather or water all are equally alive and deserving of equal respect. Ultimately shaman see all healings as a process of coming into right relationship it is all about coming into harmony with the different elements of life.


What are the benefits of Shamanic healing services?

Shamanic healing offers an effective way of understanding our symptoms because it by-passes the conscious mind, the part of us that wants to analyze, and gives the shamanic healer direct access to the unconscious mind, where negative emotional and psychological patterns and wounds reside. Then it is about energetically clearing self-defeating patterns in order to make room for a new and healthy story to emerge.
This approach aims to combust heavy emotional toxins stored at the blueprint level of the Luminous Energy Field (LEF) and clears imprints that may have been stored for many years. It is an alchemical process whereby heavy emotions such as trauma, disease, pain etc. are released and then transformed into nourishing life energy. Energy centers are re-tuned to a higher vibratory frequency which allows for faster healing and regeneration. During the session, the client is comfortably lying on a table with eyes closed.


Shamanic Fire Ceremonies

What is a fire ceremony?

A Fire Ceremony is a gathering of people with the singular intention of honoring the manifestations and dreams of this life, good, bad or indifferent, and, releasing them to Spirit. 


What happens during a fire ceremony?

During the ceremony those who have come together cast Death Arrows and Spirit Arrows into the flames. Death Arrows are released with love, gratitude and a peaceful heart for the wisdom of lessons learned. Spirit Arrows are released with love, joy and clear intention to aid the manifestation of a desired outcome.

As the arrows combust they transmute from the physical confines of this world to their energetic state represented by the smoke from the fire. The smoke (energy) is welcomed into the body at the forehead, heart and belly. Energy taken within joins with the Luminous Energy Field healing and strengthening the personal self transcending space and time. Fire Ceremony participants are encouraged to bring rattles/drums and should come prepared to be outdoors.


What are other types of Shamanic ceremonies?

There are several other forms of ceremonies for all occasion and transitions of life. We can work with you individually to create a ceremony that is customized to your specific needs. Some examples: Team/Community building, New home or Selling of home, Business location blessing ceremony, Loss of a loved one, Marriage, Space clearing, etc. for any rite of passage there is a ceremony. So please make sure to send me a message for any specific inquiries regarding ceremonies.


Other terms

What is a chakra clearing?

The Chakra are the energetic centers of the body. Through clearing the chakras one is able to fully utilize all the energy of the body mind and soul.  When we are experiencing any kind of difficulty in the body our energy become heavy and will tend accumulate in specific chakra.